Progress after nearly one month

Traveling I think has ruined whatever good habits I tried to cultivate before and during the new year.

No yoga or running, eating greasy foods and lots of cream, too much caffeine and drinking, not nearly enough water. Add to this late nights, jet lag, and a constant dampness, and you’ll find yourself feeling a little ill. I tried to fight it in Amsterdam, but it has come back with a vengeance in Paris.

So the only progress for my goals that I have tried walking around for a couple of hours in heels. Not a simple thing for me. I find that wearing heels slows me down significantly. I don’t know what is wrong with my technique, but my step or stride is shortened significantly. This makes me take little doll steps which is cute I guess, but really impractical.

On the plus side, I have got some writing done! It’s pretty exciting, I have been writing a series of short stories for a whole now. I wrote another two in London, and on the train to Paris I wrote another three. They are really short, like 500 words or less, and it will be a series of twelve all revolving around one theme. So far I like how some have come out, while others need work. But this is to be expected. Hopefully I can have some presented on my portfolio by the middle of February!


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  1. With wearing heels, it’s all about practice. Yes your stride will be like that in the beginning but when you get more use to them you’ll find you’ll have your normal stride 🙂

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