Travel and goals

Traveling and my goals are not really mixing well. Even the “visiting somewhere new” aspect is not working out so well. It’s a bit discouraging, to be honest.

So still no yoga, and I am still wobbly in my high heels (but I managed to blame it on my gown on Sunday at the wedding). Does anyone have any tips for that? I’ve seen a couple of clips on YouTube, but a lot of the advice shown was really strange for me. I found it difficult to apply the instructions.

I’ve installed a chess app so that I can play on my own… Yeah I still haven’t done that! Maybe on the airplane? Maybe in Amsterdam? Maybe in the chalet with some friends after skiing? Who knows!

But I am more active on Twitter than ever, so I have increased my followers to maybe, uh like 13? Still figuring out my voice out there too. It’s a funny medium, ripe for one-liners and unkind to meandering thoughts like mine. So far I’m having conversations with friends, retweeting funny or interesting stuff, and just generally exploring various ways to use it. I’ve used Twitter for work before, but then people actually wanted information from me. Now I have to figure out why people would want to follow me in the first place.

As for improving a language other than French, it hasn’t happened either. I’ve only been speaking English and French, so Spanish, Dutch, and Italian have been out of the picture. We’ll see next week though!

So ladies, and gents who wear heels: how can I get better at walking in them?!


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