Young the Giant – Cough Syrup

Starting to feel under the weather. Woke up yesterday and threw up immediately. Called into work to ask for the day off, and went back to sleep. I slept for another 4 hours after that. Kind of happy that I’m getting sick now and not when I had so many plans the previous month, or in a week from now!

I woke up a little earlier this morning to get some Yoga done, and my daily regime of taking multivitamins. Note: I’ve been taking multivitamins since Dec. 1 to avoid getting sick quickly. Definitely worked!

Well, I’m hitting my list with a bang and I’m very happy about that! Here’s my progress with certain things that I haven’t discussed yet

Finish my script – I haven’t started anything on this one! I think I need to sit down and make myself a schedule so that I can actually put a dent into this thing. I feel without that type of structure I wont get anything done.

Skydive and/or Edge walk on the CN Tower – I’ve had many people say that they want to do this with me, so, if money permitting, I would love to do it with all of you! Right now its looks like my friend Alia and I will be doing it come July

Take dance lessons – I currently met a couple that works at a dance studio through a friend of mine, Mitzi Perez. I might take them up on their dance lesson offer!

Market my business better – I’ve joined Model Mayhem ( as a makeup artist and am scouting out Craiglist every day for odd jobs to do. I currently have a gig tonight, which I’m happy about since I could definitely use the pocket money!

Travel somewhere new / Take a road trip – I’ve decided to go on a road trip with my friend Ilana Reichman. We were trying to decide on where to go so it would be new AND a road trip, and have decided on Chicago. No idea when we’re going to do it but at least that plan is there!

Paint something new and unexpected – I know exactly what I want to paint, I looked around at some hard album covers to do, and I picked one. I just need to go and grab a canvas now!

Go hiking on a brand new trail with Aileen O’marra – We’ve decided to go to Algonquin Provincial Park for our hike, we haven’t decided on the date yet but at least we’ve got the ball rolling on that one too!

Aside from that, the ones that continue on throughout the year are going very well; I am past my 2-week mark for not smoking. It’s still a challenge because most of my friends are smokers. I barely eat out anymore, which has also saved me quite a lot of money (NOTE: I spent most of it already on a party I threw while Mitzi was over, totally worth it though! I wouldn’t of been able to do that if it weren’t for my goal!) and I’ve been keeping in pretty good touch with some old friends! There are still a couple of people that I want to see before months end, but I doubt that’ll be an issue.


One response

  1. Oh, I hope you feel better soon!

    I am so proud you quit smoking. Congrats on every day you have succeeded and on every day that you will succeed at this goal.

    Have fun at your shoot tonight! xx

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