Looking for inspiration

Am I on a break? It kind of feels that way. I haven’t been this relaxed in ages. I’m currently in London, where I’m staying at my aunt’s apartment. It’s pretty great to be able to stay with family, and enjoy their company.

I haven’t really exercised or anything else for that matter since Wednesday. Mostly I’ve spent the last few days packing, preparing for and going on job interviews, and then I left on Friday evening. I arrived early Saturday morning, and have been dancing up a storm ever since.

I thought I would have had more time and inclination to write, but. Between intensely huge family gatherings, the stress of getting everything done before leaving and my jet-lag, I have nothing. Hopefully my short stories will come back to me!

In the meantime I’m taking pictures and writing notes for my next big painting. I haven’t painted since 2009 (!) and this disappoints me. I find I have some inspirations but don’t know yet how I will go about achieving the ideal in my mind.

So now is around the time when people start breaking their resolutions, but I am trying to stand strong, even on my whirlwind vacation! Any suggestions for yoga in London or Amsterdam, my friends?


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