Does it count?

So I’m doing laundry and getting ready for a trip today and I want to know: if I already knew that I was going somewhere new, does it counts part of my 25/25? I’d like to know your thoughts on this.

So far no yoga. It’s kind of bugging me, because I really used to love going. But I have been running, but only on an elliptical trainer. I find it really hard to run for longer than a block and a half, so to be able to run one mile will be an achievement of sorts. Plus to run really fast — well maybe I’ll finally catch the bus when it zooms right by me!

I did cut my hair, but I don’t think this one counts either: I’ve maintained the same hairstyle for over ten years now. My hair is long and naturally curly, but I usually take control of that and wear it straight. I think it’s time for a change.

I was considering a very short cut, like a boy’s cut or something, but I think it would be too much maintenance. I think the thing I like most about my hair now, aside from the fact that it’s grown quite long, is that it’s relatively low-maintenance. I can’t really be bothered to get my hair cut more than every 2 months or so… So that is a pretty big issue for me. Alternatively, I’ve never dyed my hair, so I’m thinking I will try that out.

Does anyone have any suggestions about this? I’m clueless when it comes to hair!


One response

  1. Cutting my hair short was the best idea i’ve ever done. You must remember how crazy my long hair was, right? Now it’s so easy to maintain. I love it.

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