Week one – recap

So the first week for me has. Been about realizing what’s feasible and what is a ridiculous idea. Yes, there are some, but it’s not knife-throwing. Mostly it’s the concept that I should vlog. I’m not that great on camera, and I am just as bad behind it it — I think I should leave it to the professionals (Jorge, Leo and Andrea). I’ve replaced that goal with improving a language that I’ve already learned but just basically suck at.

Basically, I’ve taken a lot of language courses over a few years. Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Yiddish… These are all languages that I once was quite good at but have almost entirely forgotten. It’s awful, I can have a conversation, or read a bit, but once things get a bit complicated, I find I tune out. So I’m going to make use of at least one of the dictionaries I have collected over the years and improve on a language aside from French.

However, I am getting things into place. I played chess twice last week, and I sucked, but I’m understanding where I need to improve. I also called up some driving schools. It seems that given my history, I almost have to start over. I have been recommended to take at least four if not six lessons just to regain my comfort with being on the road… And then we’ll see?

I also got a haircut yesterday, but nothing crazy. I’ve had almost the same hairstyle for the last ten years or so. When I was twelve, I cut my thick, curly hair to chin-length. I also had no idea how to style my hair… Which means I was stuck with a huge, curly non-Afro. Just like a massive triangle of crazy hair that I couldn’t do anything with. I couldn’t even put it up in a tiny bun or ponytail until a few months later! So in an effort to avoid hair drama, I’ve just grown my hair out, and kept it long, with a few layers. This year, I think I need to change that a bit. Especially since I am going gray at an alarming rate!

As for ironing, yeah I did none of that. I will today though, cause I have an interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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