A good start?

As of today, I’m just trying to get the site going. I’ve already written a couple of our bios and need to find a headshot of myself. I figure if you are reading this and don’t already know me, it would be nice to put a face to a name (and list of stuff to do this year).

I’m pretty excited to do this, because it goes beyond a simple list of resolutions. Add to the fact that we’ll be recording things, I guess then the pressure is on to perform. I think that is part of the failure rate of resolutions: if they’re just good intentions, what is anyone gonna do about it?

So far, I am still typing by staring at my keyboard and using four or six fingers. But I’m doing laundry, and I’m going to figure out how to iron clothes this week. It’s pretty desperate, and I hate wrinkly clothes for the most part. Next steps are taking care of my shoes (I’ve been mad at myself for letting a favourite pair of boots die last year), researching driving school, booking an appointment with a trainer, and writing my grandma. It seems I have a lot of writing to do!


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